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I am in the business of having fun, what is not to love? Laughter is truly the only way to live life and I help people experience this at its finest. I have managed After Hours Photo Booth full time since 2015 but have been creating photo booth laughter since 2011. I am married to Sal Fusco, who manages After Hours Events of New England and rocks it out DJ'ing full time. Alongside my 2 children, Marissa and Anthony and my 3 step children, Jio, Julian and Jasmine, the Fusco family know how to entertain!

Photo Booth Manager

Vanessa Fusco

My name is Sophia, but I rarely get called that. I like long walks to the fridge, Netflix marathons and the sweet sounds of my snoring dogs. There is never a dull moment with me!"

She has been a part of the the After Hours DJ Entertainment and Photo Booth crew since 2012. She is the sister of Photo Booth Manager, Vanessa Fusco.

Photo Booth Operator

Sophia Sarno

I've been told I have a personality that could make coffee nervous. A 'James Bond' of sorts, but with way better gadgets and know-how. I always try to be myself,; unless I can be Batman, then I will always try to be Batman."

He is one of the main DJ's for After Hours DJ Entertainment, but also moonlights as a Photo Booth attendant when he is available. With his "quirky" responses and quick witty remarks, he always leaves a lasting impression.

Photo Booth Operator

JR Burrows

"I'm so fresh they call me Febreeze. Perfect has 7 letters and so does Meeeeee. How we live our life is far more important than how we say we live our life."

He joined our team in 2016 and has left fun impressions with every event he has done. He is the first one to start dancing with the guests and doesn't stop until the last songs ends.

Photo Booth Operator

Walter Valentin

"Eat the spaghetti to forgetti your regretti. Life is too short to worry about what you could have done or wished you did. Just go out and make it happen."

She joined our team in 2017

Photo Booth Operator

Loretta Bonadies

There is no obstacle too small or challenge to great to stop me from overcoming it. I am always up for new adventures and always with a smile. If you are feeling down on your luck, just give me a quick call, I will turn it upside down and help you see the best things are yet to come.

She joined our team in 2018

Photo Booth Operator

Darlene Gates-Savage

My days are filled with family and friends. I love what I do and I wouldn't change a thing....well maybe have more grandkids, more italian pasteries, another glass of wine...well you get the idea

Photo Booth Operator

Cathy Petro

Yah, I'm kind of an awesome chef. I mean I give myself the best reviews all the time. If you want something that will help you forget the negatives in your life, just give me a call and I'll bring over a sweet treat. Love cooking, laughing and well a nice glass of wine or two!

Photo Booth Operator

Hope Rivera


"I'm a self-proclaimed Anime hero! I love you more if you love me. In my spare time I stunt double for Beyonce. I love to laugh and laugh and nothing!" My favorite saying : "What? you think this is a GAME?"

She joined our company full time in 2016 as a Photo Booth assistant and office assistant. She now Manages our Uplighting department. She just recently graduated in 2018 with her Associates Degree in Graphic Design.

Photo Booth Operator

Nathalie Ortiz

My life revolves around my 2 boys. They are my heart and soul. But, every now and then I'm known to cut lose and paint the town red. I love coffee, coffee and oh! did I mention coffee? You can probably throw in a cookie or two in there.

Photo Booth Operator

Ashley Wolf

I'm jealous of my parents, I'll never have a kid as cool as theirs. My love for children is very deep, I love to volunteer for anything and everything I can. I love to have a great time and they say I have a special gift of ensuring people have an awesome time, no matter what we are doing.

Photo Booth Operator

Alex Stearns

"When I'm not honing my hibernation skills, I'm pursuing my second passion as a professional taxi for my 2 children. I run on coffee, snark and let's be honest, there's probably a little vodka in my tan too. I'm a treasure trove of useless knowledge, factoids and trivia bits."

She started in 2017 and has already taken the job at full throttle. She is entertaining and brings a whole lot of funk!

Photo Booth Operator

Margie Armitage

"Turning wrenches in my spare time keeps me busy, but being silly with my photo booth pals keeps me sane! Find me on a beach, a ski mountain, or curled up with my cows! Coffee or wine in hand of course."

She joined our team in 2017

Photo Booth Operator

Alex Boettcher

My life is filled with laughter and my love is filled with my kids. I am a deep rooted family person and believe that you create your own destiny. Nothing is handed to you, as you are the designer of what your future beholds. Live, love, laugh. 
She joined our team in 2018

Photo Booth Operator

Erica Fusco

I am light hearted and full of laughter and enthusiasm. I love getting to meet new people and know how to enjoy the moment. Living life, one day at a time. 

Photo Booth Operator

Nicole Sarno

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